Infant Jesus High School


Keeps up the following Traditions: An Ideal Student…….

  1. Is always friendly with one another and respectful towards the elders, in and out of School. The best gifts that you can ever have in this world are good friends.
  2. Avoids rudeness and vulgarity in talk and behavior. Politeness, humility and courtesy are the crowns of your personality.
  3. Keeps the body, heart and mind clean and clear. Always wears clean clothes. Blessed are the clean of heart, for they will see God.
  4. Offers help to any unattended visitor one happens to meet in the school premises. Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you.
  5. Rising in respect whenever a visitor enters the class. (As far as possible other staff members except the H.M. or Supervisor will avoid entering during teaching time.) We cannot expect to be respected if we don’t respect others around us.
  6. Respects the liberty and rights of other pupils. Respect commands respect.
  7. Helps to preserve school property and report at once to the teacher of any damage or danger to it that one may observe. School properties are put in place to make your stay in school safe and comfortable, preserve them.
  8. Avoids dropping papers in school premises or out of the windows, and to pick up such papers when found. God loveth the clean.
  9. Observes good manners everywhere. Manners maketh a gentleman.
  10. Avoids wastage of Water and Electricity as they are precious gifts.
  11. Leaves the lavatory clean and the doors shut always. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
  12. Is sporting on the playground and always plays a fair game.
  13. Is honest and trustworthy in all dealings. Honesty is the best policy.
  14. Avoids gossiping. God is a silent listener to every conversation.
  15. Is cheerful and wears a welcome smile. God loves you when you spread a smile.

An ideal student adopts the following study and work habits:

  1. Is very attentive in the class and never omits any lesson or postpones any homework assigned. Class-work plus home-work completes your education.
  2. Accepts whatever work is assigned with joy and enthusiasm. Enthusiasm fuels success.
  3. Daily revises the work done in class & gets the difficulties solved. Practice makes one perfect.
  4. Works very hard and brings honour to oneself. Success is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration.
  5. If memory work is assigned, learns it, repeats it before going to sleep and repeats it the first thing in the morning. Repetition makes perfection.
  6. Revises at the end of the week all the teaching matter covered that week. Revision is the key to mastery.
  7. Helps the peers who are poor in grasping the content. By explaining to them you learn more. God loves a cheerful giver.
  8. Is always punctual, regular and never procrastinating. Punctuality is the stepping stone to success.
  9. Does not neglect their study and considers it as their primary duty. Consistency in studies is the secret of success.
  10. Attends all school functions and tries to be an active part in all the activities. Opportunities seldom strike; one who is glued to it seizes it when it strikes.
  11. Brings calendar and all study materials such as stationery, books as per time table etc. to class daily. Borrowing disturbs others and is a bad habit. Let you never be borrower or a lender.
  12. Reads well and extra. Knows that Books are the friends and maintains them well. Today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader.