Infant Jesus High School

Our Flag


Along with the School Badge, the school flag with its colours represent the school and what the school stands for. It is a symbol of authority and pride. A symbol which every student will respect and honour because every colour in it represents something that every student cherishes for his/her own growth and development.
The school flag consists of three colours in strips of red, white and blue. The Red colour signifies the Sacrifice that the students have to make to develop their characters as also the sacrifice they have to make to preserve and honor the Sanctity of the school. The white in the centre is the Purity which is expected of every student in all their dealings; purity of thought and action, purity that will guide their every endeavor. The Blue strip signifies the Hope that the school has reposed in its students. The school hopes that every student will be imbued with Hope in their hearts without which there will be no motivation in them at all.
The school flag, therefore, embodies in itself the Sacrifice, Purity and Hope. Keep it flying high, for all to honour and respect it.