Infant Jesus High School


  1. All fees are to be paid strictly in advance by the 20th of every month. Fees for the months April and May are to be paid along with March Fees and are due before the commencement of the final examination.
  2. No reduction in fee is made for broken period.
  3. The delay of payment beyond three months renders a pupil liable to be removed from the School.
  4. A Month’s notice is to be given before the withdrawal of a pupil, or the fee for the following months will be charged. If the withdrawal is made during the second term, the fees for the remainder of the term will be charged including fees for the month of May.
  5. No Leaving Certificate is given unless all dues of the School are paid in full.


Academic Year Tution Fees Term Fees Total Fees
2017-2018 11100 1750 12850
2018-2019 12000 1900 13900
2019-2020 13200 2050 15250